#oneyearanniversary: Start of my French adventure

Dear Friends,

First of all I need to apologize: I truly meant to continue my blog earlier! But as so often life got the best of me and I had many problems and tasks to solve. But I feel like today – exactly one year after the beginning of my semester in France – it’s the perfect day to restart it. So what’s going to await you here, are posts about the most exciting but also the most challenging experiences of my life and studies in France. And I’ll try to post them on exactly the dates that they happened one year ago, so stay tuned!

  1. January 2016

This day changed a lot in my life. And I’m just about to realize how much it actually did. As the first full day of my French adventure it was naturally very exciting. I had just arrived the afternoon before, moved in my room at the student residence, figured out my Wi-Fi and bought some groceries.

So far I didn’t know anyone. But this was supposed to change quickly on the first day of our Orientation Week at Sciences Po in Reims. In total we were like 100 exchange students from all over the world: from Italy, China, Hongkong, The US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, just to name a few.

As I love to get to know people from other countries and cultures this was a thrilling experience. In between a gazillion of new impressions on this day – like a French Placement Test, a Campus tour and so much more – this fact stands out: I’ve not only gained new friends but they’ve actually become my family.

And as today Facebook keeps reminding me that we all became friends one year ago and as we are all sharing our best memories with each other, this is truer than ever. Happy one year anniversary!



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  1. Iriz Chan says:

    Happy beginning. More adventures! 🙂


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