The Power of Positive Thinking

Apart from studying in Munich, I‘m currently also writing for the student magazine Philtrat, which is published once per semester. This time I had the honour to write a portrait of the inspiring Akil Logeswaran. We talked about his commitment during the refugee crisis in Germany, how he build up his huge network and how he always manages to stay positive.

You can read the article here. (German only)

Also I want to say a big thank you to Akil! I’m glad that you liked your portrait, this is the best compliment for an author. 🙂

Throughout my career I've had the privilege to give quite a couple of interviews. Until today they all focused on projects that I had done or had to honor to be part of. So I was quite surprised when the young author Annemarie Rencken contacted me and asked me whether I would agree on a portrait of me. Seriously? A portrait of me, I thought. Why? Would anyone be interested in that, I wondered. I thought about it and agreed. Today, I'm super excited about the portrait. It's incredible how well she read me and brought it to paper. In the piece I talk about passion and why I don't mind working late hours sometimes, about why helping others was not my initial focus but somehow always appeared in the end, and that we all have a #FailureSuccessRate and shouldn't just give up. She titled it "The Power of Positivity". Find the portrait of me on page 26 (in German) in the Magazine Philtrat. You can buy it this week at the LMU Munich, Foyer, Schellingstraße 3, Opening hours from 10-18. __________________________ #beautiful #portraits #portrait #article #authentic #PayItForward #positive #positivity #Munich #München #happy #happiness #positivevibes #Passion #positivenews #LMU #students #human #humanity #humans #instagood #igers #potd

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