#oneyearago: The perks of a campus university

Now that you have learned a lot about my first days and weeks abroad and our rainy trip to Strasbourg, I wanted to take you on a tour around our Sciences Po campus in Reims.
I loved the fact to study at a campus uni for a change, as it is quite different to what student life at the LMU in Munich looks like:

  • no need to rush between buildings that are located in different parts of the city,
  • lots of familiar faces everywhere instead of the sometimes overwhelming feeling of anonymity
  • and a completely different campus spirit!

Ancient meets new

You can still see almost all parts of the original Jesuit building

The campus is truly beautiful as it is situated in a former Jesuit college with lots of impressive architecture and two green inner courtyards.

Sometimes it felt like we were studying at Hogwarts – with an ancient library, marble stairs and an old refectory (which served as a class room for certain events but also for yoga and hip hop classes 😀 ).

But Sciences Po also shows its modern side with smart boards, a very modern second library built around a tree, and lots of walls made of glass.

I loved hanging out with my friends in the courtyards, listening to students playing the piano and studying in the beautiful libraries. Definitely a place to feel very welcomed!

You can get a few impressions here:


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