About this blog

Travel is the only thing you can spend money on, that will make you richer.

Hello and welcome to my blog! Traveling has always been one of my passions – as well as writing.

Why you should read this

If traveling is your passion and you love to learn more about the travels and adventures, that still await you, this blog is your thing!

I will also occasionally post some of my articles from different projects, as an addition to the normal blog posts, as well as many photos.

Sunrise on Table Mountain

The meaning of ‘isingamoya’

To answer one question right away: my blog’s title is inspired by the zulu word ‘isingamoya’.

‘isingamoya’ [isiŋgaˈmɔːja]: breeze, light wind, spirit

Zulu is an African language, spoken above all in South Africa. As I have South African roots I felt like ‘The Travel Breeze’ would be an appropriate name for my travel blog.

Why ‘isingamoya’ is the perfect word to represent traveling

For me the best thing about traveling is feeling free. Feeling as light as a feather that is carried by the wind and literally has the possibility to go anywhere and see everything.

And I think ‘isingamoya’ perfectly represents this feeling of ultimate freedom.


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